New Coil Winding & Electrical Manufacturing Publication to Launch

A new publication dedicated to the global coil winding and electrical manufacturing market will be published in 2021. Named the Coil Winding & Electrical Manufacturing 2021 Sourcebook and Technical Review, it will launch in April as an annual review of technology advancements and guide to equipment, materials, supplies and services for the manufacture of motors, transformers, generators and e-mobility products. It will be published by the Magnetics Magazine media business of Webcom Communications Corporation. 

“We are pleased to announce this major initiative of the launch of an annual magazine-style publication focused solely on coil winding and electrical manufacturing products, services and technology to serve the growing worldwide marketplace for the manufacture of electric motors, transformers, generators and e-mobility products,” said Scott Webster, director of content and sales. 

“Through a combination of print and digital formats, it will serve the information needs of a large audience of decision-makers worldwide such as design engineers, manufacturing engineers and managers, product development managers, supply chain managers, corporate managers and executives.” 

Beyond the initial launch, it will have a full-year’s continuing distribution and promotion through online accessibility and to attendees at key coil winding, electrical manufacturing and EV technology trade shows worldwide, said Webster. 

As a highly targeted business and technology publication, it will serve as a powerful marketing tool for suppliers of coil winding machinery; materials for coil winding and electrical manufacturing such as magnet wire, coatings, insulation, adhesives; electrical steel and laminations; components such as cores, bobbins, connections; other products and services for coil winding and electrical manufacturing used in the production of motors, transformers, generators, hybrid and electric powertrains. 

For more info, contact Scott Webster at or 917-445-6122.