Linear Actuator Packs Powerful Peak Force of 500 lbs.

BEI Kimco Magnetics, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies, Inc., has introduced the High Force Linear Actuator Model LA100-93-000A. The new actuator packs a peak force of 500 lbs, a strength that typically requires two actuators to achieve. With approximately two times both peak and continuous force ratings compared to BEI Kimco’s previous models, the device is a significant advancement in the product offering.

In addition to its high peak force rating, the actuator features a continuous force of 292 lbs. with 2-inch total stroke. Other important characteristics include semi-housed construction with built in shaft and bushings that orient the coil assembly concentric to the field assembly. This key design attribute makes actuator mounting fast and easy for the customer. The unit measures 10 inches in diameter and 9.3 inches long at mid stroke.

“The LA100 VCA is very similar in construction to our smaller actuators but bigger by a factor of two – it’s basically two actuators in one,” said Jim McNamara, senior applications engineer, VCA. “This capability expands our application versatility. Unique to the market, there are other actuators with 500 lbs. of force, but none that we know of that also provide a 2-inch stroke.”

The LA100 is suitable for use in applications that require an actuator force of 500 lbs. and high speed. Typical uses include environmental stress testing for lab equipment and military and aerospace equipment, as well as other applications in industrial, medical and testing environments.