Johnson Controls Expands Line of Magnetic Bearing Chillers

Extending the capacity up to 2,020 tons, Johnson Controls is reaching advanced levels of efficiency at even higher capacities with the launch of its expanded York YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller platform in North America and Latin America markets. 

“With energy efficiency driving customer decisions, we are pleased to offer the extended capacity chiller to deliver ultimate performance while dramatically reducing cost of ownership,” said Laura Wand, vice president and general manager for applied equipment at Johnson Controls. “These higher-tonnage systems support the same real-world operating conditions customers have come to expect from York, while delivering lower maintenance costs with the use of magnetic bearing technology.” 

Johnson has been designing magnetic bearings into centrifugal chillers for over 30 years, initially through its Navy Systems team. A key aspect of the system is that due to the magnetic bearings there are fewer components than in other types of chillers and less complexity offers increased peace of mind for end-users. In addition to oil-free operation, the chillers provide improved reliability because its magnetic bearings are designed to last 25 plus years. 

In the YZ line, advanced, aerodynamic design includes two, single-stage compressors that are paired in a series counterflow arrangement, reducing the lift on each compressor to improve overall full-load and off-design performance. The dual compressor design allows for each compressor to run individually, providing redundancy and improved off-design performance at lower loads. 

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