Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Announces Upgrade Program for Bullet Magnet Separators

gI_153725_bullet01Industrial Magnetics, Inc. has announced a new upgrade program allowing customers to retrofit their existing separation magnet with a stronger circuit for enhanced capture and retention of metal contaminants.

The program is available to customers who purchased a pneumatic line Bullet Magnet from the company prior to March of 2014. Since then, advancements in rare earth magnet material and magnetic circuit design have increased the strength of their Bullet Magnet by up to 100 percent from previous models. This translates into higher metal capture rates and improved retention of contaminants between cleanings.

The upgrade program allows customers to keep their existing Bullet Magnet in place and purchase a new, upgraded door for retrofitting onto the existing unit, offering a savings in material, labor and downtime from replacing the entire unit.