Custom High Energy Density Planar Transformers Reduce Costs and Footprint

eNL_SMEWith the ever increasing need to be faster, perform with greater accuracy, improve time to market, and reduce costs – planar transformers are steadily replacing traditional wire-wound transformers in many industries. With a very lightweight low profile, excellent thermal char­acteristics, high repeatability, and low leakage inductance, planar transformers can easily meet the needs of modern applications. Electric vehicles, solar invert­ers, wind power, telecommunications, mil-aero, aviation, healthcare, industrial applications, tools, LED lighting, induction heating/charging, appliances, electronics (TV’s, radios, etc.), and many others.

Standex-Meder Electronics manufactures planar transformers for critical applications like military and aerospace projects. We can manufacture custom products to exact standards with precise electrical characteristics such as capacitance, output, and aspect ratio.  We have proven ourselves in an industry leading environmental and electrical test facility.

Other features include but are not limited to: multiple winding options and topologies, space savings and capacity improvement, high efficiency (resistance, flux density), customized terminations, volumetric efficiency (small size), high voltage isolation transformers, low turns count, PCB construction, AC resistance and proximity yields lowest Cu loss, large core surface promotes heat transfer, opportunity to embed planar into PCB module (integrated magnetics), optimized core cross section lowers core loss.