CMR Polymagnet Catalog Now Available Through Amazing Magnets

Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR) and Amazing Magnets LLC have announced the formation of a retail partnership for online access to CMR’s Polymagnet catalog. Amazing Magnets can quickly deliver these advanced magnet products for prototyping and production because of their extensive stock of high-quality magnetic materials and new Polymagnet production capacity. Anaheim-based Amazing Magnets supports fast and economical production of standard and custom Polymagnet designs.

Amazing Magnets’ website offers a large variety of licensed, neodymium rare-earth magnets as well as samarium cobalt and non-rare-earth permanent magnets. Through this partnership, the storefront is expanded to offer CMR’s Polymagnet Catalog. This adds high-performance magnet systems from CMR that make entirely new applications possible with magnets.

“Amazing Magnets is the first source for CMR’s full catalog of Polymagnet designs. With top-notch customer service and the ability to immediately deliver standard or custom Polymagnets, Amazing Magnets brings a remarkable new prototyping capability to designers and local production for manufacturers,” said CMR President and CEO Andy Keane.

“CMR’s unique technology extends the value of magnetic materials to a completely new dimension since magnets can now be described in software for strength, reach and function,” said Tim Boettcher, president of Amazing Magnets.  “We are very excited to offer our customers a new line of very high-performance magnet systems.”

The Polymagnet Catalog is an online library of pre-engineered Polymagnet functions that can be purchased directly from Amazing Magnets. A Polymagnet is a patterned magnet tailored to deliver higher performance and novel magnetic functions that designers can integrate into consumer and industrial products. Each Polymagnet is a system of smaller magnets that combine to deliver stronger, safer and entirely new magnet functions not possible with conventional magnets.

Polymagnet applications range from simple attachment to advanced functions such as magnetic springs, latches or connectors that can self-align to a very tight tolerance. When used for attachment, a Polymagnet concentrates the strength near the surface of the magnet. This not only increases the attachment force more than double that of a conventional magnet, but it also reduces the risk to magnetically sensitive electronics and the accidental attraction of nearby metal or other magnets.