Summer 2018

Magnetic Nanoparticles Leap from Lab Bench to Breast Cancer Trials
Sandia National Laboratories materials chemist Dale Huber has been working on making iron-based nanoparticles the exact same size for 15 years.

Safran, a Major Player in Plasma Propulsion, Finds Booming Market for its Hall Effect Thrusters
Safran Group of France finds booming market for its plasma propulsion systems which use Hall effect thrusters. An increasing number of satellite manufacturers are opting for plasma propulsion because it offers a great deal of precision in terms of thrust and offers a weight savings of 40% for geostationary satellites.

NASA Develops Hall Effect Electric Propulsion to Thrust Exploration into Deep Space
NASA researchers are at work developing many initiatives to advance space exploration, some of them dealing with Hall Effect technologies for electric propulsion.

Airbus-built SES-12 Dual-mission Satellite Successfully Launched
SES-12, the 13th satellite built by Airbus for SES, was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on June 4th.

Spontaneous Thoughts: Dysprosium 2.0
A little over 5 years ago I wrote a column called Dysprosium. Element number 66 has been in focus lately due to some forecasts about availability in light of new applications. Adamas predicts a 30% shortage of Dy by 2025. It seems like an appropriate time to look at the situation again.

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